Week One – Victim and Feel

Yes, I skipped both of these assignments. Why? Because I don’t wrestle with either of these. I’m a Gemini so I’m pretty evenly balanced between the THINK and FEEL of who I am, what I see and what I do. I rarely, if ever, begin my sentences with “I feel…” because I’m usually thinking, not feeling. Perhaps, I need to shut the thinker down more often and give the feeler more free reign? Hmm, something to think about, I suppose.

As for being a VICTIM, nope, that’s not me. I was raised to look at the learning opportunity in every bad situation. I was taught the only way to get what you want out of life is to do something about it–don’t throw a tantrum at life’s feet when you don’t like the job you’re stuck at, find a better job. Unhappy with that loser of a boyfriend? Dump him. Tired of being lonely and single? Guess what, go out into the real world and meet people.

It’s better to be making choices than allowing your choices to make you. Hey, that’s not a bad line. I’ll have to copyright that. No one’s ever accused me of whining or complaining about stuff. Generally, I get complimented on my ability to take my mistakes and failures with a grain of salt and go after my goal again. I always try again, no matter how bad the previous defeat or heartbreak was. The only way I’ll ever reach my rainbow is if I keep patching the holes and pumping hot air back in that big ol’ hot air balloon, right? Right.

So, here I am, at the end of Week One’s lesson: I’ve memorized the lines of Holly’s Four Thinking Barriers and have already started to break down the ones standing between Me, my Muse and our pot of published gold 🙂 Next, I’m off to conquer the clustering technique, which I’ve only ever used in academic situations. Let’s see how it works with my creative writing.

Which of the four thinking barriers is your biggest obstacle?

In case you don’t know what they are, here you go:



Holly wrote a terrific article on the subject you can read here.

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