Happy Monday!

Wow, what a fabulous weekend! I had another FUN date, finished reading two books, watched Michael Moore’s Slacker Uprising AND stopped to appreciate all of the beautiful colors starting to emerge around my property. On top of that, I decided that Elysia is going to be traditionally homeschooled from now on instead of doing charter school, OHVA, which is public school from home. I’m tired of having “the man” breathing down my neck where my daughter is concerned.

I also had a serious talk with myself (don’t worry, it wasn’t a verbal conversation, don’t want the family to think I’ve finally lost it) and made some great progress in my Think Sideways learning. I’m nearly finished with Week 5 and peeked ahead to Week 6 and 7, which look intense but fascinating. Holly Lisle really is a great teacher and she puts so much into these lessons; I’m definitely going to try out some of her more specified clinics when this course is over.

Anywho, I lost track, oh yeah, my Muse let Me know she’s been trying to get messages through but either the screams have been falling on deaf ears or the ideas weren’t all that do-able. However, I had a SUPER cool idea hit Me on Sunday that I couldn’t stop thinking about. All of the questions I asked my Muse received positive and firm responses, which lets Me know I’m on to something with this one. I’m trying not to get too sidetracked with my non-fiction writing so that I forget how many great fiction stories I have in the works. One character in particular is quite intriguing and he won’t let Me be so I’m writing him today.

I picked up two new books this weekend, The Road by Cormac McCarthy, which is being made into a movie, and What-the-Dickens by Gregory Maguire. Both of which look awesome so I can’t wait to finish White Night and Eyes of the Dragon, the current week’s reading material, to start the two new ones. I figure I’ll have all four finished by Sunday.

Well, it’s lunch time and I do have actual work that needs to be finished today. *sigh* If only I didn’t need money 🙂 I can’t wait until this weekend and it’s only Monday.

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