30-Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 2 – You Most Relate to…

movie poster Teeth 2007

Tagline: Every rose has its thorns.

Synopsis: “Dawn grows up in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. In high school, while her biology class studies evolution, she realizes she may have a hidden curse, an “adaptation.” She lives with her mom, step-father, and hard-edged step-brother. She likes Tobey, a guy at school, and he likes her. She takes a pledge to remain chaste until marriage, so they date in groups, watch G-rated films, and don’t kiss, but the power of teen hormones is great, so temptation beckons. Dawn has an admirer in Ryan, and when when things have an unexpected twist with Tobey, she turns to Ryan for help. Will he be her mythical hero and rescue her? Or can she find her way as her own hero, turning the curse into an asset?” source

Now, before anyone goes all “man-hating feminist” at me, the fact that a few male penises (and egos) are grievously injured in this movie holds little sway over its relevance for me. (See also my 2010 review.)

No, I think the reason it was the first response to the challenge question is all about Dawn’s coming of age, sexual empowerment, and agency. So few men truly get what it’s like to live day-in and day-out as a woman. A movie like TEETH allows me to live vicariously through a young woman who never again has to feel the fear of rape during everyday tasks like walking down the street, going for a run at night, attending a concert alone… She is no longer prey who must practice constant vigilance in order to survive.

I envy Dawn — not her power, but her freedom.

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So, which movie do you most relate to?

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