30-Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 15 – Favorite Serial Killer Film…

movie poster May 2002

Tagline: Be Careful… She Just Might Take Your Heart.

Synopsis: “A lonely young woman traumatized by a difficult childhood and unsuccessful attempts to connect with the people around her is sent into a murderous tailspin.” source

Angela Betis as May 😍 Vulnerable, broken, eager to make a connection with someone she can trust… tragic and doomed.

It hurts me to watch MAY because it’s such a heartbreaking story filled with loneliness, insecurity and social awkwardness. May is very much a product of her trauma, but she lacks the self-awareness necessary to heal and avoid self-destruction.

You so want May to find her person, yet you also want to warn folks, hey, she’s one rejection away from going batshit crazy. Then of course once she has her full-on break with reality, you still want it to work out for her somehow… if she stops killing people, obviously.

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What’s your favorite horror film involving serial killers?

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