30-Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 27 – Favorite Guilty Pleasure…

movie poster Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer 2007

Tagline: …I used to be a plumber.

Synopsis: “As a child Jack Brooks witnessed the brutal murder of his family. Now a young man he struggles with a pestering girlfriend, therapy sessions that resolve nothing, and night classes that barely hold his interest. After unleashing an ancient curse, Jack’s Professor undergoes a transformation into something not-quite- human, and Jack is forced to confront some old demons… along with a few new ones.” source

For the record, I don’t buy into the whole “guilty pleasure” thing. I like what I like, who cares. And most horror fans are already judged simply for liking horror movies, any horror movie, so it’s kinda pointless to feel guilty for loving one in particular.

But I had to pick something for today and this is one of my indie faves. Attractive, relatable lead with a tragic backstory and unresolved trauma. Disgusting, borderline vomit-inducing monsters. They’re pretty frickin’ awesome. And, oh yeah, Robert Englund! Need I say more?

The DVD commentary is a good one too, if you haven’t listened to it yet.

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What’s your favorite guilty pleasure? (Even if you don’t feel the least bit guilty about it.)

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