30-Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 28 – No One’s Ever Heard of…

movie poster 2 Otto or Up with Dead People 2008

Tagline: Bringing Sexy Back… From the Dead.

Synopsis: “Otto is a handsome, sensitive, neo-Goth zombie with an identity crisis wandering the streets of the city, until one day he auditions for a zombie film…” source

Okay so “favorite” might be too much for this one, but it’s my favorite to recommend to people who act like nothing in horror shocks them. 😈

Yeah, I can get my pretentious on when I wanna.

In all seriousness, only watch OTTO if you’re a VERY open-minded person looking for a VERY different movie — one with gay zombie sex. I said VERY different and I meant it. 🤣

And, please, read my 2010 review before you click the play button. Still, to this day, I get a serious case of the nervous giggles just thinking about that one scene. Good times.

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What’s your favorite horror film no one’s ever heard of?

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