March 2020 Wrap-Up

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Well, wasn’t that an “interesting” month… Coronavirus (COVID-19) everywhere – literally and figuratively. Folks acting, or, more accurately, REacting exactly like I suspected they would. My inner optimist hoped for better, but alas, some people gotta ruin the pandemic for everybody.

I didn’t read much and I didn’t watch many new movies. Mainly just escaped through focusing on my work and re-watching favorite TV shows.

Total Read: 7

Book of the Month: The Resisters by Gish Jen

I enjoy baseball. BUT. Reading a novel built around the love of the game? Let’s just say, I didn’t get my hopes up too high.

[Side note: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is probably my least favorite King novel, if that tells you anything. There are certain activities I enjoy in real life that bore me to tears when forced to read about them as a plot point. Baking, gardening, baseball, etc.]

Boy, was I wrong about The Resisters. A book that seems like it was written with right now in mind. I kept thinking I was going to make it through the entire story without shedding a tear and then came that ending!*!*! Sigh. Really good stuff. Much to think about. Much to do to make our world into a better, safer, more tolerant place for EVERYONE.

book cover The Resisters by Gish Jen

Synopsis: “The time: not so long from now. The place: AutoAmerica. The land: half under water. The Internet: one part artificial intelligence, one part surveillance technology, and oddly human–even funny. The people: Divided. The angel-fair “Netted” have jobs, and literally occupy the high ground. The “Surplus” live on swampland if they’re lucky, on water if they’re not… A moving and important story of an America that seems ever more possible, The Resisters is also the story of one family struggling to maintain its humanity and normalcy in circumstances that threaten their every value–as well as their very existence.”

Read About the Book | My Review

Movie of the Month: Queen & Slim (2019)

This movie! 🧨🤯😵💔

Seeing as it’s set in America, not sure this movie could’ve ended any other way, but damn did I want it to.

“I want a guy to show me myself. I want him to love me so deeply I’m not afraid to show him how ugly I can be.” – Queen

“I want a ride or die.” – Slim

Synopsis: “A couple’s first date takes an unexpected turn when a police officer pulls them over.” (source)

Check out QUEEN & SLIM on IMDb | Watch the trailer

Song of the Month: Aaliyah – Try Again

No explanation necessary… missing this beautiful soul.

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