Welcome to my blog!

I’m currently editing the content to include my original works of fiction. You can look forward to reading poems, short stories, excerpts from my novels, and general rants and ramblings. I will also create a small section with a sampling of my business and academic works; however, those aren’t really my babies. They paid the bills and gave me writing practice, but were far from stimulating or exciting, for me personally.

COMING SOON! – A recurring “column” about singlemomdom. I’ll provide my personal experiences from being a single mom for nearly a decade–anything from budgeting to time management to mind massage. Hopefully, I’ve learned something along the way to help make another mom’s job just a little bit easier.

I look forward to hearing comments, feedback and suggestions on ways to make this blog even better.

Best wishes,

UPDATE 02/20/09: I wrote this “welcome” message for another blog, which I imported into WordPress this week before I canceled the other one. But I felt this post still held relevant information so I left it intact. If you think it makes no sense to leave it as is, let me know with a comment.

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