Singlemomdom: A Definition

In case you don’t know, Singlemomdom is the word I use for the world of single moms. It’s a vast world that encompasses many different types of single moms and family situations.

I am writing from the country of Single Mom: Absent Father From Day One in the world of Singlemomdom. But I feel I have a lot to offer all single moms not just those in the same country as me. I also call my current dating status Singledom and for a while was resigned to being a permanent resident of Singledom, which is a state of Singlemomdom.

But, a couple months ago someone (who I will refer to as “Dimples”) changed my mind on that sad mindset. I’ve contacted my travel agent about taking a vacation outside of Singledom for a while to test out the waters over there in Datingville.

In all seriousness, I want to touch upon a sensitive subject for a lot of single moms–dating.

Man, it’s a crazy world out there for just plain, old singles let alone those of us with the mom tag added to the single label. For some reason, we’re thrown into this whole other demographic of women simply because we have children. Sure, we have special circumstances and tighter schedules, but for the most part we have many of the same dating issues as childless women.

Or am I living in a dream world? Or maybe I’m just a totally different kind of single mom?

More to come on the topic of single moms and dating.

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