Celebrate Your Mistakes by Carolyn Ellis

I subscribe to Carolyn’s “Bits of Brilliance” newsletter and it is one newsletter I actually read from top to bottom. In the latest issue, she reminds us to celebrate one of the most readily available learning tools in life–our mistakes.

I touched on this topic in Quote of the Week: Topic – Human Nature so reading Carolyn’s 12/31 article makes me jump up and down with excitement and appreciation.

The below article is reprinted with permission.

Celebration, Part 2 – Celebrate Your Mistakes

In the last issue of Bits of Brilliance, I shared with you about why celebration is so important and invited you to celebrate your victories. Today, I want to issue another important invitation to you that could change your perspective, and your life, in a split second. I want to invite you to celebrate your mistakes.

So just notice right now what’s going on for you as I propose the idea of celebrating your mistakes. Even that word “mistake” can bring on a sludgy, heavy feeling of shame and contraction. In my experience, my “mistakes” are always the most profound and potent teachers I have that propel me to greater levels of my wisdom and brilliance.

For example, in my 20 year relationship with my ex-husband, I discovered I made plenty of “mistakes” to be sure! I made mistakes in judgment, in how I communicated, in my willingness to honor my feelings and speak my truth, in my behavior, in my desire to please others at all costs because I wanted to be a “good wife and mother.” But these “mistakes” have nudged me forwards, to discovering a deeper truth of who I am and what I am here to offer in this lifetime that I would not have understood in any other way. These mistakes allowed me to refine and master my communication and my level of awareness, so that I can truly say that I am grateful for every moment of that experience of my marriage and divorce because of the woman I’ve become as a result of that intense and necessary journey.

Mistakes are like the tough and exacting teacher you have in school. You may not like the teacher much at the time, but you realize how much wisdom and depth you receive from them afterwards. Here are some ways you can transform your experience so you can honestly celebrate your mistakes.

Get Curious – A mistake or error in judgment is a big clue that something in your world is out of alignment. Get curious when you encounter a failure of any kind. Ask “What can I learn from this situation right now so I never have to repeat this kind of a problem in the future?”

Put Away the Bullwhip – Many people head straight for shame and self-flagellation when they make a mistake. Those of us who have committed to walking a spiritual path can sometimes be our toughest critics because we “should know better.” Put away the whip and pull out an extra dose of compassion for yourself. As one of my teachers says, choosing to “Love Yourself Forward” is way more effective than beating yourself up.

Harvest the Wisdom – We are the co-creators of our reality. Every challenge comes bearing enormous gifts. Take note of the wisdom you know have because of a “mistake” you’ve made – and celebrate that!

It’s likely obvious to celebrate your wins – but do you? Do you hold back on acknowledging your wins or even sharing your accomplishments with others because… you don’t want to brag? You don’t want to appear self-centered? Notice what gets in the way of you celebrating your wins. The thoughts and beliefs that hold you back are signs that your receiving muscle needs a workout.

Make it an amazing day!

Carolyn Ellis
Founder, Brilliance Mastery (TM)

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So how about it, will you celebrate your mistakes?

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