What the heck has happened to people’s manners? And when did everyone start thinking it was okay to treat another person like crap just because their day was going crappy. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. I mean why yell at someone on the phone when they did NOTHING to deserve it and the whole reason they were phoning you to begin with was to help YOU! Grrr and double grrr.

It’s the snowball effect; it starts with one person having a crap day then tearing into the next person who wasn’t having such a bad day until running into crappy day dude. So, now the okay day person’s blood pressure is up and along comes unsuspecting person three who was actually having a fabulous day but the aftermath of crappy day dude has ruined okay day person’s mood and they rip into unsuspecting party for no reason and now it just keeps building until finally someone loses it.

I just don’t get it.

I’m trying to stop the cycle now by ranting on here and blowing off some steam. This is particularly difficult when the person who goes off you for no reason is someone you work with and worse yet when it’s someone you work with and are related to. Why do some people feel it necessary to yell when they speak? I wish I knew.

Let’s hope this little vent has helped me so I don’t unintentionally ruin someone else’s day for no reason other than selfish disregard for controlling my emotions as a response to someone else’s baggage.

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