Could it BE any colder out there?

It’s been nearly a month since my last entry. I have been busy! I guess having a personal life will keep ya busy. I’ve been writing like crazy though, which is awesome. I’m way behind on the Think Sideways course, which probably isn’t a good idea but I’ll finish it in a couple months or so. My laptop is filling up without the course so I’ll really be ready to complete the lessons once I get back to it after the first of the year.

Best of all, I’ve been having so much fun with Dimples. He continues to surprise me and as I told him yesterday, I’m quickly becoming addicted. I told him I’d officially be sad if we couldn’t hang out anymore because I’m starting to get attached. He seemed to appreciate that comment. Gosh, we laugh and joke so much, and we genuinely like each other. There’s no hiding who we are, no fear of dishonesty, zero drama–it’s all really starting to seem too good to be true. But, I have done REALLY well at NOT overthinking or overanalyzing the situation. He definitely has the “chill” effect on me where I don’t feel the need to criticize or worry or anything. It’s probably because he’s so laid back and relaxed. Okay, I better stop going on and on about him. His ego is probably growing as I type.

Wow, what a great night of fights last night, eh? The UFC Fight for the Troops was filled with knockouts and tap outs galore. The Cantwell fight was THE best in my opinion–screw Koschek and his punch. Cantwell had to have broken that dude’s arm. I don’t know why he wouldn’t tap. It brought back memories of Tim Sylvia. Anywho, this Saturday’s TUF finale should be just as exciting with Phillipe Nover fighting. He’s definitely gonna beat Efrain, at least I hope he does.

Welp, Christmas will be here before I know it, but thankfully I’m nearly done with shopping. I just have to pick up the gift I want to give Dimples and a gift for my former step-dad then I’m done–yay! I can’t wait for Christmas but New Year’s Eve is going to be a blast this year. I’m trying to get my sister and brother-in-law to go out with Dimples and me. He wants to do some dancing and partying so that should be fun.

Life is good. I’m very blessed and I count those blessings each day I wake up and am still here–healthy, happy and alive.

Best wishes!

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