Note to Self: The Between by Tananarive Due

What do you do when your power goes out on a Friday night?

You read a book, of course.

The Between by Tananarive Due caught my eye whilst browsing the paperback section at my local library. The blurb on its back cover enticed me into taking it home:

Hilton was seven when his grandmother died, and it was a bad time. But it was worse when she died again…”

I read The Between on January 29, 2010 between the hours of 5 PM and 12 AM EST after coming to the realization that our power was going to be out the remainder of the day. It cut off at 1 PM EST. Damn underground cable vaults. At least that’s what DP&L blamed it on. But, despite nearing popsicle status by the time I turned the last page, I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Due writes in vivid detail without overloading the page and her grasp of pace and tension are top-notch. While I pretty much had the plot pegged by page 100, I couldn’t put the book down – not because it was frozen to my fingers – because I just had to know how it would all turn out.

The characters were totally believable and even the supernatural elements were easy for me to accept. There were a few scenes of graphic violence, some of which involved children, but it wasn’t gratuitous or over the top. The Between explored themes relevant to the current culture and modern world, and I appreciated the social commentary being delivered in a story format rather than a sermon.

While the end left me with a couple of questions, it also left me with a tear threatening to pop out the corner of my eye. So overall, a very enjoyable read. I can definitely understand why Due won the American Book Award (The Living Blood).

Give this one a read if you’re into supernatural thrillers with a hint of romance.


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