Quote of the Week – Topic: Risk

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. (T.S. Eliot)

I really dig this quote. It is so empowering and a huge boost to my motivation to explore and experience life, not just live it. I guess this also ties into a fear of the unknown and possibly a fear of failure. After all, when risk is involved, most people would rather be safe than sorry.

I can play it a little safe sometimes, usually only in situations where physical harm is possible though. Sky diving, bungee jumping and cave hiking are all physical activities I’d love to try, but my safe mechanism is making it a little difficult for my heart to convince my head.

When it comes to writing, I definitely need to put Eliot’s words into action. I’m often afraid that the stories and themes I explore in my writing are too out there for mainstream audiences. At the same time though, maybe there’s a group of people just waiting to read what the characters experience in my stories, what situations they face and overcome or fail. Who knows. The point: I should be writing, writing, writing!

I’ll always wonder if I never know and I’ll never know until I do it.
(That’s a quote by moi.)

Do you want to take a risk in your life? What stops you? Do you think it’s your head or your heart stopping you?

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