Upcoming Releases: The 4th Reich (2010) – Horror Movie

Image The 4th Reich movieI recently discovered the Nazi zombie subgenre and consequently went on the hunt for more. That’s when I found a link to The 4th Reich (2010) on IMDb. It’s still classified as in pre-production with production set for spring 2010 but I had to get it posted here so I wouldn’t lose it in the shuffle of the hundreds of movies I want to see. Yes, you read correctly, hundreds.

Described as “a war movie with zombies,” The 4th Reich is written and directed by Shaun Robert Smith and stars Sean Pertwee, Tom Savini, Doug Bradley, and Craig Conway.

As soon as a trailer is available, I’ll edit this post and embed the video.

Here’s the synopsis:

An exaggerated true story closely based on the consequences of the Third Reich’s disease testing experiments in Europe during World War Two. The 2nd Lincolnshire Battalion was one of many British divisions to land in Northern France on June 6th 1944 (D-day). It was their discovery that brought the world to its knees, and could spell the end of mankind.

The 4th Reich is a wartime horror. A dark analysis into the effects of war and the Third Reich’s attempt to create a master race…click to read the rest on the official site.

Do you think you’ll watch this movie? Why?


Official site | IMDb | Dread Central

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  1. Nazi Zombies…lol. I love it! That’s so damn cool! I never would’ve heard of any of these movies otherwise, without your blog! Thank you! 😀

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