Band of Horses – ‘I Go to the Barn Because I Like The’

I’m such a total Gemini. How else can I explain lovin’ hardcore horror movies and soft-hearted music? Don’t get me wrong: I also enjoy soft-hearted movies (except “chick flicks”) and hardcore music. I guess there are just too many sides to who I am to ever fit me into one label, genre, type, or whatever. I likes what I like even if that makes it difficult for certain things I do (e.g. this blog) to nest in a specific area or niche.

Why this song? It just so happens that tonight, Psych‘s season four finale featured it. When I heard the song in the episode, I knew it was Band of Horses, but I didn’t know which song. I did a little searchin’ and found it on USA’s Psych forum. This band’s music feels honest and full of vulnerability. Plus, there’s a hint of sadness. I dig it!

Without further ado, please enjoy the video below for however long it’s available on YouTube. And hey, if you like the song, support the band and buy their album.

Did you like the song? Why?

Check out “The Funeral,” too!


Band of Horses official site | Albums: Cease to Begin and Everything All The Time

4 Replies to “Band of Horses – ‘I Go to the Barn Because I Like The’

  1. I like it! But then again I absolutely love “The Funeral” even though it’s sad… I heard them on *ahem* One Tree Hill a while ago, it’s good to know their new stuff is still great :~)

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