Man Repellent of the Feline Persuasion

Whilst I cleaned the litter boxes and endured the scent of ammonia and feces – part of a daily ritual my cats gather to watch – I contemplated today’s post and decided it was time to pay homage to the feline members of my family. Although I love them like any other family member, the men who come into (and sometimes quickly exit) my life seem to have some deep-rooted aversion to cats.

It boggles the mind. Of course, I’m surprised that men are repelled by my “single mom” status. My daughter and I are cool chicks; they’d be lucky to have us. But honestly, how can people not like cats? They’re furry. They’re fairly independent. They know when to snuggle and when to leave you the eff alone. And they’re wicked hilarious. Not liking cats is ridiculous. There just isn’t a good explanation. Or if there is, I’ve yet to hear it.

I’ve heard cats are “sneaky” or “evil,” which I totally don’t get. I guess I’ll never understand.

Anywho, below are the female felines who own me. Yes, I am their loyal manservant and will be for the 20 or 30 years they’ll bless me with their presence.

By the by, if you happen to know of a single, cute, honest, funny, optimistic man who loves kids, cats, and horror movies give me a shout. My social life could definitely use some testosterone.

Photo Francis aka BabyBaby

Real Name: Francis
Age: 13 years
Likes: String; Hands dragged across the bed
Dislikes: Most cats; Water bowls

Baby is the newest member of my household but she’s been in our family the longest. My parents gave her to my sister about three years ago and my sister gave her to me in, I think it was, November 2009. She’s gettin’ up there in the years but she has the spunk of a kitten. I often wake up to her rubbing her face against mine in an effort to get first dibs on my attention that day.

Photo Isabella aka FattyFatty

Real Name: Isabella
Age: 10 years
Likes: Shoes; Sunbaths
Dislikes: Invasion of her personal space; Hairballs

Fatty used to be known as Izzie but over the years her love of all things edible has landed her in the “fluffy” weight zone. Lucky for her, black is very slimming. My sister snatched her up from my cousin, who was going to dump her somewhere, and promptly delivered her to my home. She’s been in my little family (Elysia and I) the longest and is, without a doubt, my favorite but don’t tell anyone. It took her a couple years to forgive me for allowing “the others” in our home but she’s finally adjusted and regained her attitude.

Photo Rosalina aka Rosie aka McMac Fluff TailRosie (Elysia also calls her McMac Fluff Tail)

Real Name: Rosalina
Age: 3 years (approximate)
Likes: Feathers; High locations; Anything dangerous
Dislikes: Cats in heat; Being held; Salmon

Rosie showed up on my mom’s doorstep in the spring of 2008 so my mom called to see if I wanted her. Obviously, I did. The most laid back cat I’ve ever met in my entire life, she isn’t bothered by any of the cats in her space except when they’re in heat. Then she smacks the crap outta them. For some reason if there’s anything dangerous anywhere in the house she’ll find it and attempt to play with it: tacks, nails, beads, you get the idea. She’s also pigeon-toed and watching her run is super funny but I try to laugh in another room so she doesn’t get a complex.

Photo Seraphina aka PeenyPeeny

Real Name: Seraphina
Age: 2 years
Likes: Cardboard; Mice; Getting her head scratched like a dog; Sniffing butts
Dislikes: Strangers; Having her ears cleaned; Dry cat food

Peeny is what happens when you go to the Humane Society on your birthday with the idea that if they have an orange kitten (Elysia wanted an orange kitty) you’re going to adopt her. It just so happens she was the only kitten at the Humane Society that day and she was orange. Coincidence? I think not. But she’s also what happens when you push your luck. I’ve never had a cat like her, ever. She’s psycho. I think being in the cage damaged her somehow. Elysia is more her human than I am; however, Peeny has her sweet moments and she makes me laugh a lot.

Photo Esmerelda aka SqueakerSqueaker

Real Name: Esmerelda
Age: 2 years
Likes: Laser lights; Bouncy balls; Plastic lids
Dislikes: Dakota (see below); Touching her belly

Yeah, Squeaker is what happens when you go with your mom to help her pick up a new kitten via Freecycle. She clung to my chest, looked up at me and meowed, and I couldn’t give her back, could I? Probably the runt of the litter, she hates being held like a baby and detests people who rub her belly. She’s very aware of her weight gain, thank you very much. She goes crazy over the laser light and jumps close to four feet in the air in an attempt to catch it.

Photo DakotaDakota

Real Name: Dakota (Named so because I loved Dakota Skye)
Age: 9 months (approximate)
Likes: Rosie (see above); Playing of any kind
Dislikes: Most people; Loud noises

In September 2009, while on my way to the store a flash of black and white caught my eye. I pulled over to the side of the road, ran across the road to the field, and there she was — tiny (no more than 12 weeks old), severely under weight and scared to death. I promised her a better life and she came home with me. With some food and TLC, she’s a regular little kitten. She loves “the others” and, despite going through puberty and having to deal with being in heat, she plays nonstop.

FYI: All of my cats are rescues as I do not buy animals from pet stores. They’re indoors 24/7 because, well, I think that’s where domestic cats should be. And all of my kitties are spayed except two. My budget is tight right now but as soon as I have the extra $300 I’ll be getting Squeaker and Dakota spayed.

Why do you think so many people dislike cats?

9 Replies to “Man Repellent of the Feline Persuasion

  1. You are a saint. No, honest. In my family, horror stories abound when multiple cats have to live in the same house. When you have a cat, life is decidedly interesting and it sounds as if yours will never be boring, that’s for sure.

    Funny, but the guys in my family love cats (except for my brother, but he’s highly allergic to cats). Unfortunately, I’m allergic too, so our current feline is my husband’s “shop” cat. My husband and some co-workers rescued a litter when the mama gave birth behind the dumpster at work. He has a car repair shop on our property that is his second full-time job. He named the cat Lugnut (appropriate, huh?) and the shop is Lugnut’s main home. But because I love cats, I let him in the house for attention and access to his second food dish. My husband’s customers love him, even our next-door neighbor (a guy) who doesn’t really like cats either. He feeds Lugnut when we go on vacation!

    Great post – I loved learning about “the girls” – and the photos and captions are fantastic!


    HA! “Lugnut” that’s a great name. Horror stories? Nah! Oh wait, I did hear my daughter squealing earlier because Peeny dragged her favorite Barbie off by the hair. Savages, all of ’em 🙂 But lovable beasts.

    Take care,

  2. I forgot to mention that I read this. It made me smile, it did. Veddy cute stuff. It was nice getting reacquainted with the “family”. That picture of Squeaker is hilarious. “I try to laugh in another room so she doesn’t get a complex.” and “She’s very aware of her weight gain, thank you very much.” both made me laugh my booty off.

    I don’t know why so many people dislike cats so much. Maybe it’s because they’re not constant people pleasers like dogs are. But a lot of people can’t stand dogs either. I don’t get it.

    Oh yeah, and I know a guy just like the one you’re talking about if you wanna see him sometime. He’s cool and junk.

  3. Wow you have 6 cats? Why do people dislike cats? 1. they have razer blade nails that are often used in defense (to scratch people) it hurts! Or used to tear up carpet and whole entire rolls of toliet paper! 2. Some (probably those not fixed early?) pee on things/places they shouldn’t and somehow the scent never completely leaves that area…it’s almost overwehlming to enter one of these homes and you can’t figure out how they (who r immune to scent) live in it. 3. Cat litter isn’t cheap and can be a pain sometimes but oh so, oh so very necessary. BTW I have 2 cats, b/c my husband got them while we dated and i grew to love them but probably wouldn’t have ever gotten a cat if it not for my husband…they’ll be with me til death do us part.

    1. Lee:

      (1) What are you doing to cats to make them go into defense mode ? *grins* Yeah, I have my share of scratches from time to time but as cats get older they learn how to play without their claws. (Baby and Fatty are declawed, though. That was before I realized how terrible it is to declaw a cat.)

      (2) I’ve never met a cat who peed on things just for the sake of a rogue pee. There’s always a cause: full litter box, illness, or prior urine damage that they pick up on and (naturally) want to cover with their own scent. Thankfully, I have hardwood floors; if any accidents occur, a thorough cleanup is quick and easy. And that’s already been proven when it comes to the hairballs I deal with on a regular basis.

      (3) Yep, owning a pet isn’t cheap. Most people don’t realize it really is like adding another family member. I spend around $150 a month on my felines, but it’s worth it. They give me laughter, love, snuggles, and did I mention laughter?

      I don’t remember you being a cat person so not a big surprise there 🙂

      I’m glad you let your hubby keep his kitties though. I hear horror stories about people (mostly female) forced to give up their beloved pets because the other person doesn’t like them. Personally, if it’s cute and cuddly, I’m sold…unless I have to be the one to take the pet outside in two feet of snow in subzero temperatures…then I’m busy.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. One of my cats, James aka Jamesy, has always been a “scaredy cat”…when a stranger comes to our home, he darts for a closet or corner. He also swatts at our larger dog Zoey, thankfully he has been declawed (after they torn up the carpet). Our other cat, Ricky is a fat happy laid back cat that almost acts like a dog at times. And I’d never ask anyone to give up there pets, I was there the day he got them, though i did try to presuade him to not get them….responsiblity thing. If my husband/boyfriend ever asked me to give up my baby Max (my lil old man doggie) I’d just give up the man lol and yes I’ve never really been into cats…my best friend had one and it scratched me when i was a kid so….bad first time experience.

  5. Hey! I accidentally stumbled across your article and I am here to let you know male cat lovers DO exist, for I am one! I am not girly in any way, shape or form. I am a large biker type who might be described as a little “rough around the edges”. I usually scare most folks, but my home is shared with a beautiful Tonkinese kitty named Cleo. She is a awesome little pet and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life. When I come home at night she tells me about her day and I listen to her for about 20 minutes until she decides its time to take over my lap. Then we spend the rest of the evening enjoying a nap or TV show. She sleeps right next to me every night. So yeah.. don’t think that we aren’t out there. It always amused me as to how these “manly” men who would never do anything so feminine as pet a cat have NO problem watching a group of sweaty guys roll around in the grass for 3 hours all in the name of football. Kinda funny, eh?

    1. 😀

      I always heard it was more of trust issue than a masculine one. I’ve heard people say “Cats are too sneaky” or “I just don’t trust a cat.” But whatever the true reason, and I suspect it’s rather subjective, I’m glad there ARE men who love cats. Personally, I don’t know that I will ever have a home without at least one cat roaming around.

      Thanks for leaving a comment and chiming in for the male cat lovers!

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