Quote of the Week – Topic: Giving

Always give without remembering and always receive without forgetting. (Brian Tracy)

What an awesome attitude. I totally believe in this mentality and I strive to practice this every day of my life. I cannot express how deeply giving to others (or nature) affects one’s soul. From minor gestures like returning a dropped item to a stranger or holding the door open for the person behind you to major gestures like anonymously donating hundreds of dollars to charity or spending a set number of hours every day volunteering your time–the good you give to others can only infect our world with goodness.

Just like positivity, giving is contagious and it must be consciously spread. I truly believe the more we give (whether it’s our time, our money or our hearts), the more good we’ll bring into our own lives and the surrounding community.

I’ve never been wealthy but knowing the good I can do without money is empowering. Simple gestures, like cleaning up the neighborhood trash or planting trees, make me feel so happy– to be active in supporting my environment, both in the short-term and long-term view of things. Yes, these are small gestures, but it’s not their size that matters. It’s the thought, the heart, behind the giving that matters.

So why not try it? What’s your favorite charity? Donate $10 today. Don’t have $10? Then call their local office to find out if you can volunteer your time. Most charitable organizations will not turn away good volunteers.

You don’t really have a favorite charity? That’s fine, what about extra clutter in and around your house or apartment? Then put it to use by giving away your unneeded “stuff” to Freecycle (see my sidebar for the link). Just remember to make giving a part of your life–the rule, not the exception. If you see someone who could use an extra hand at the grocery store, help them. If you cross paths with someone who is obviously having a terrible day or in a particularly foul mood, give them a smile. It may just brighten up their day.

Warmest wishes!

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