31-Year Old Blogger Feared Missing: Later Found Buried Under Work

Photo tree above ground naked woman undergroundOkay, maybe it’s not so nice to poke fun at Tiffany Tehan; however, the above blog headline just flowed out my fingertips and who am I to argue with my fingers? Plus, my whole objective in publishing a post today is based on the fact that I’ve been away for far too long without any warning or heads up. And really, after what she put her family, friends and community through, does Tiffany deserve anything less than jabs, name-calling and ridicule?

Call me judgy, or even snarky if you must, but when a mother abandons her child(ren) because she wants to “start a new life,” I’m not going to have buckets of positive feedback with which to shower her. Not only did Tiffany abandon her child, she just up and disappeared. No explanation. No “Dear John” letter for her hubby. Just skips town with her new fella and screw everyone and everything else.

Remember: I’m still working on tolerance and compassion.

I mean, why the eff do people get married and have kids if that lifestyle is not what they effin wanted? Why don’t these self-centered people think outside themselves and look at the big picture? Gawsh! (That was in my best-est Napoleon Dynamite voice.) Well wonder no longer – I’ll tell you why: instant gratification. Humans are infected with it.


Hmm…where do I start?

  • Cell Phones – When did it become top priority to be able to talk to anyone the minute you thought of that thing you wanted to tell them?
  • Artificial Insemination – No longer does nature have much say in who can and cannot reproduce. Thousands and thousands of orphaned children don’t get adopted because wanna-be parents must have a DNA match and science has enabled them to do so. If the option to inseminate wasn’t available, I bet a lot more children would get adopted.
  • DVRs – We can’t be bothered to give up watching one TV show for another (or sacrifice some other uber important activity like shopping or talking on a cell phone) so we can record them all and watch them instantly when we feel like it.
  • Fast Food – Oh good gawd, I could go on and on about this one. McDonald’s would not be the monster that it is without the support of billions of “I want it now!” eaters.

I’m beginning to think they stopped teaching the whole “No man is an island” principle in public school. Or, perhaps, they simply can’t afford to teach poetry in school nowadays? You know, because 95% of their time is spent making sure every kid passes every friggin’ achieve-
ment test by 12th grade. Schools can’t be bothered with teaching skills like critical thinking or raising ethical issues like thinking of others and not just yourself. I guess they expect parents to actually teach their own children moral and ethical values as well as how to think outside the box. Outrageous, I know.

Alrighty…so where have I been?

Well, this post’s headline is 80% the gist of my whereabouts. New clients always mean an interruption to the daily routine and time management plan, and I’ve been in the adjustment / transition stage for almost four weeks now. Hopefully, all the wrinkles will be ironed out and all the major “My last assistant couldn’t do this, can you?” projects will be completed by May 13th. Needless to say, something had to be sacrificed – and I didn’t think my daughter would appreciate no dinner or no face time for nearly two months – which means I had to cut down on blog time and movie watching. But I don’t think I can sacrifice either much longer.

Thankfully, my spring vacation starts on Thursday, April 29th – my daughter’s 11th birthday – and doesn’t end until Monday, May 3rd. That means I’ll have four full days to write and schedule my blog posts for the next two weeks and watch as many movies as I can with the time leftover after playing with my daughter, writing fiction, and cleaning (you don’t want to see our laundry mountain, I mean, baskets right now).

So please hang in there with me! I have three stories to post – two flash, one short – and several other fun posts to share with you all. Until then, please chime in with your opinion on Tiffany Tehan a.k.a. Runaway Mom. I’d love to know what you think.

5 Replies to “31-Year Old Blogger Feared Missing: Later Found Buried Under Work

  1. Oh yeah, there are some real winners out there. This is such a hot-button issue with me. I have no sympathy for people like this Tiffany (I’m sorry, but I find it hard to take anyone with that name seriously.) who think that they can just make all their problems disappear by abandoning their families. Incredibly self-centered. And dumb as a box of rocks, too!

    I was talking with my husband and a friend of his the other day about the fact that people just don’t have any common sense anymore. “It’s not common any more,” the friend said. I hadn’t thought of it quite that way before. But, yes, there doesn’t seem to be a core belief in sensible behavior that we all hold in common anymore. The media is full of people who are out of their ever-lovin’ minds! Would you leave a 4-month-old baby in your car while you went shopping in Lowes? Some grandma in a town near me did – and was angry that the police and Lowes employees and concerned citizens interrupted her shopping trip!

    The things some parents (and crappy caregivers) do to children just makes my blood boil. And we wonder why kids turn into criminals and addicts of all sorts? Parents like Tiffany are the reason why. I honestly don’t have ANY tolerance or compassion for people like that.

    Hey, Leah – by the way, I’m glad your back!

  2. I find that I am generally unable to understand a large portion of people since they do stupid things, things they shouldn’t do because it’s wrong or is hurtful/drama promoting. I think this feeds into my growing thoughts on wanting to leave this big BS town and find maybe an acre of land in the country, in another state. So I just turn the TV off and sit on my porch swing w/o being in tune to others crap. What ever happened to kindness?

  3. Yay!! Love and agree with all your points re Tiff Teh. Ugh. Well, I’m tired like heck. Cant’ think straight. Will chk back tommoreew. Tiffany Tehan and Vivid Entertainment? haha

  4. Ok, my opinion on Tiffany Tehan? And Tre Hutcherson, of course! She is not right mentally. Sorry. She is very insecure, weak, and vunerable. Having one (1!) child overwhelms her, there is no joy in raising a toddler, sad. She is not THAT young, come on! The husband is doing everything he could to better the family. Tre dares to say he is not a good enough husband, but he breaks up with his wife of 18+ years via text. Tre seems to me like a smooth talker and a manipulator. He’ll use Tiffany for his own gain ( he talked about a deal) and then will dump her. Really, is she the kind of wife and mother, he wants??? And Tiffany not taking her baby because she didn’t want to activate an Amber Alert!! Bull! How about implicating her husband as main suspect? And she is not worried about her baby because she is surrounded by people who care for her. But not her mom. Um, Tiff, your husband will be a single dad, and the grandparents already raised their own children. Gee, I always wanted to be raised by a bunch of relatives! A mom? Oh, who needs a mom, right??? If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

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