7 Must-See Indie Horror Movies

Girl zombie eating her dad Night of the Living Dead 1968Independent films have really become my go-to for great movies. Sure, sometimes the production value isn’t as high as those backed by a major studio or the actors could use a few lessons and more experience, but the writing and the story’s authenticity overshadows the minor flaws in those lesser-known gems. That’s not to say I don’t end up sitting through some real crap films from time to time. However, when it comes to indie films – especially indie horror – the risk is worth the reward. The following indie horror films appear to be of the high caliber variety and promise to entertain true horror fans and film lovers.

Side note: I’ve only watched the trailer, not the full-length movie, and these films are in various stages of production – from planning/fundraising to completed projects – so please show your support.


Death Movie (2011) UK

Photo Death Movie David Paul Baker

Written and directed by David Paul Baker, DEATH MOVIE is in the planning stage and needs our support to move forward into pre-production. Please visit the official web site for all the details then click here to show your support.

“50 young people are found scared to death in front of a drive-in movie screen. Forensic gather up video mobile phones at the scene, then begin to edit the footage to see what scared them to death.

We go back 48 hours to follow several characters video diaries. They got a mystery invite via the web, to view the scariest film ever made. We follow them from the previous day as they go on a road trip to this secret screening of “DEATH MOVIE.”

The story is told through the POV of two female characters However, most of the movies promotion will be told through the multiple cameras that the FBI recovered, and media spins, conspiracy theories.

You will have to see the main movie to find out what scared all these people to death!”

DEATH MOVIE on Facebook | Twitter | Blog


The Dobson Files (2010) USA

Photo The Dobson Files

Written by Travis Opgenorth and directed by Marty Skibosh THE DOBSON FILES is an alien movie filmed in the style of The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield but with the atmosphere of Paranormal Activity. Join the filmmaker’s campaign to get this film distributed by filling out the “Demand It” form on the web site (see link below). Once you sign up you’ll receive weekly clips of never-before-seen footage and personal messages from Marty and other crew members.

“There are 270 million digital cameras and cell phones in use today. There have been 5 million reported alien encounters. It was only a matter of time before one was caught on tape. Click It. Watch It. Demand It.”

THE DOBSON FILES official web site


The Man Who Collected Food (2010) USA

Written and directed by Matthew Roth, THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD has been at the top of my must-see list for ages. Recently, the film’s director won an award at the 2010 Indy Horror Film Festival, which has piqued my curiosity even more.

Please visit the official web site for all the details.

“Miguel Appet is a serious collector. He must have the color variants, the rarities, the 1950s originals: every food he can find–and keep–in mint condition. No one but his overbearing mother knows that his home, tucked in the quiet suburb of Cibuston, has become a massive museum to comestibles. His neighbors to the right, dad Horace and son Eustice, don’t notice a thing as they plot their next deer hunt. His neighbor to the left, Kelvin Green, is too busy searching for the alien he’s sure attacked him once. And Miguel eats…people. He has to, since eating his precious food is not an option. However, being a cannibal is not as easy as it seems, especially when you have a collection of food to take care of…”

THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD on IMDb | Facebook | Twitter


Closed for the Season (2010) USA

Written and directed by Jay Woelfel, CLOSED FOR THE SEASON is set in an abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake Park, Ohio, where it was also filmed. So perhaps CLOSED is on my list for sentimental reasons as well as horror fandom.

Please visit the official web site for more information, pictures and video.

Also, Shadowcast Pictures’ YouTube channel features webisodes with behind-the-scenes clips and interviews. I suggest that you start with CFTS Webisode 1: ‘What is Closed for the Season?’ and view each episode in order.

“Trapped in a forgotten amusement park, a young girl (Kristy) finds herself terrorized by the living memories of the park. She must break free from the park’s grasp before she becomes its next victim.”

CLOSED FOR THE SEASON on IMDb | Facebook | Twitter


Denizen (2010) USA

I’m always searching for horror films made by women so that’s how I found DENIZEN written and director by J.A. Steel. After reading the synopsis and watching the trailer for this Creature Feature I’ve added it to my “DVD Download or Buy” list. Please visit the official web site for cool stuff: trailer, plot, poster, characters and more.

“Peace gets shattered in a small town, when suddenly a mysterious creature starts to leave a bloody trail. The last hope for the residents to fight the terror and prevent the destruction by military forces rests on the courage and the resourcefulness of a small group of scientists.

Starring Julie Lisandro (Cheerleader Massacre), Glen Jensen (Fingerprints, Soul’s Midnight), Ben Bayless and Jody Mullins the latest J.A. Steel directed horror-action shocker DENIZEN will be accompanied later this year by a stunning comic tie-in, created by Lawrence White and White Eye Comics.”

DENIZEN on DVD | IMDB | Facebook | Twitter


Mass Acre Hill (2009) Canada

Written and directed by Dan Francis and Jamie Francis. Please visit the official web site for all the details.

“When a secret government aircraft crash lands on a remote hillside, two pilots Ben Boone and Coen Smith, find themselves alive but struggling to stay that way against a deranged cult, drug dealers and the living dead.”

MASS ACRE HILL on DVD | IMDb | Facebook | Twitter


Strigoi (2008) UK

Here’s another Creature Feature but this time with vampires and a little harder to slap with one specific genre. STRIGOI, written and directed by Faye Jackson, her first full-length film, has won a few indie awards and I cannot wait to see it. If I could buy it, I would.

Please check out the official web site for more information and be sure to read the interview with Faye Jackson.

“Vlad (Catalin Paraschiv) investigates a mysterious death in his grandfather’s village that raises questions about land ownership in the community. The trail points to ex-communist bully Constantin Tirescu and his wife, but when Vlad confronts them, he discovers that the richest landowners in the village have become real bloodsuckers.”

STRIGOI on Netflix | IMDb | Facebook | Twitter


If you’ve already watched any of these films, I’d love to hear your thoughts, opinions, or feedback.

For those who haven’t seen any of these films, which one would you most like to watch right now, if any?


Are you an indie filmmaker who needs fan support for his/her latest project?

Contact me and I’d be happy to check out your project. Horror films usually get preferential treatment but I’m open to all genres as long as the story is tight with clear direction.

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  1. ~Update~

    THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD will be released on DVD in the US on July 12, 2011. You can pre-order / order on Amazon.

    STRIGOI will be released on DVD in the US on August 2, 2011. You can pre-order / order at Breaking Glass Pictures.

    This news made my day because, as you can see my the date of the original post, I’ve been waiting a long time to watch these films. Summer just got *that* much better 🙂

    1. Hi Leah! So happy you’ll finally be able to see my film! Really hope you like it! Let me know what you think 🙂

      Thanks for helping spread the word about it!


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