Not in the Mood? Maybe These Photos Will Help

Oftentimes, the easiest scenes to write are the funnest. But then there are other days when the scene I thought would be quick, easy and painless just can’t make it from my muse to my conscious to the page. Those are the days – or nights, I’m a night owl so a lot of writing is done after 10 PM – when I turn to either pictures or music to get me in the mood.

Here are a few posts to check out if you’re looking for songs to inspire writing. Music is powerful and it usually does the trick. However, there are situations where I need to visually stimulate my imagination in addition to the auditory inspiration.

The following three pictures really stirred up the creative juices last week:

Photo child scared wolf

by Joshua Hoffine
(Click here for his main web site.)

Dark creepy banister with smears on wall

by Chris aka Specky Nation

photo child on white with blood

by Zhang Peng

Do you have an image or two that inspires your writing or sets the mood for a certain dynamic?

4 Replies to “Not in the Mood? Maybe These Photos Will Help

  1. Yup, these are scary pictures, all right. Of course you do write horror. I can see how these might inspire you to write.

    If I had an image that inspired me, I’m sure it would be one in nature, soft muted colours. That doesn’t surprise you. Does it? 🙂

  2. Nope, not at all 😉 I figured you’d be inspired by something with trees so I wasn’t too far off. Thanks for visiting! I know you have lots going on nowadays so I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by.

  3. These pictures appeal to me and as you correctly say offer a great deal in the way of inspriation to any writer, especially those of the horror genre, although there could also be an element of dark tragic comedy to them.

    1. What I love about pictures (or any art form, really) is that two people can look at the same images and see two completely different things. Never underestimate the power of perception.

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