Quote of the Month – Topic: Hope

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” (Oscar Wilde)

I dig this quote! It speaks to the very nature of hope, and the divide between those of us who hope, and those of us who do not. Hope allows us the curiosity to stare upward, out of the gutter, even though we know we might see nothing at all. We hope we will, but we accept that we might not. We don’t sit down, start a fire, and make camp in that gutter because we know we’ll be there the rest of our lives. We do so with the intent of surviving there just long enough for one of us to come up with a plan for escape. We hope to someday look at those stars from outside of the gutter. We hope to someday fly into outer space amongst those dazzling balls of gas. We hope; therefore, we look up instead of straight ahead or straight down.

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