Change Is Good But Not Always Fast

Photo Common Jay Butterfly on Yellow ChrysanthemumA quick peek at the dates on my posts shows I’ve been somewhat absent recently. The fact is I needed time to think about, wonder about and evaluate recent choices and paths. Those sessions revealed I wasn’t living fully my core passions and helped clarify what those passions TRULY are: (1) teaching (2) writing (3) reading for fun (4) reading to learn and (5) living simply. So I ordered several books on the areas where I would like to grow and improve, starting with focus.

After reading and working through The Millionaire Messenger by Brendon Burchard a lightbulb (or three!) went off. Suddenly I was knee-deep in an idea that will change my life. The idea isn’t a new one, really. I just didn’t believe in myself enough to allow the idea to blossom into its potential. But the books I’ve read and the conversations I’ve had with three experts and two friends woke me up to how silly I was being.

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial CLARITY is to positive change and growth. Only when you get clear – I mean really clear – on exactly what it is you want, can life show you the way. And only with LASER FOCUS are you able to use that clarity to stay on the path to get where it is you truly want to be.

Enough of the rah rah talk πŸ™‚ The point is, I’m planning big changes for my life and those changes will affect the purpose, content and design of this site. I hope you will enjoy the changes and I look forward to your feedback as I begin rolling them out.

So if you don’t see me on here very often the next few months, don’t worry; I’m not giving up on the dreams or passions I’ve rambled about for years. Exactly the opposite: I’m making those dreams and passions my life’s focus.

And I hope you are doing the same thing πŸ˜€

P.S. It’s true what “they” say about TV being a HUGE time suck. I cancelled Dish Network in January 2011 and saw an immediate increase in productivity for my business; my attention’s been redirected to reading which, I believe, is directly related to my finding much-needed clarity and focus; and my procrastination has decreased by at least 75% (that’s a big deal for me).

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6 Replies to “Change Is Good But Not Always Fast

    1. Thank you! Still in the development stages of my big idea but I’m super stoked. Now it’s just a matter of balance: existing business (paying the bills) with mom / teacher duties with my fiction writing with developing the new idea. Full plate but I feel really inspired and motivated. And when you’re inspired the work doesn’t feel like “work,” if that makes any sense πŸ™‚

  1. You sound very upbeat, and that makes me smile. It sounds great to hear that you are planning big changes. I have an idea that those changes will bring about positive results for you.. Nice to see some posts from you, my friend.

    ps… Thanks for the lovely review of Bitter, Sweet on Good Reads. It’s very much appreciated.. πŸ™‚

    1. I’ll gladly take the good vibes of your idea πŸ™‚ It’s refreshing to feel this motivated and certain about an idea / plan, but I guess that comes with the territory: getting in touch with and following one’s instincts versus listening to the ego, both mine and others. Like I named this post, I don’t expect this change to happen overnight; knowing I’m on the right path feels tremendous though.

      P.S. My pleasure! I will always do what I can to spread the word about talented writers πŸ™‚

      P.P.S. Why the hay didn’t anyone tell me about the fabulousness that is Good Reads? It’s going to save me oodles of times with reading challenges and tracking my personal library. Plus, I’ll (finally) be able to connect with other word nerds. ‘Course I’ve already put in about five hours setting up, entering and rating my library, and it’ll be at least several more hours before I have all my books in there, but I’m having a blast.

  2. Eileen and Laura,

    I just want to thank you both for being such lovely bloggin’ buddies πŸ™‚ Your comments and feedback mean a lot to me. So, anyway, without getting too mushy, I want to make sure you both know how grateful I am our (virtual) paths crossed.

    Warmest wishes,

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