All Together Dead – Book Review

All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris gave me even more of the vampire world I so enjoyed in Definitely Dead, and then some. I’d have to say that Amelia really grew on me and I like that she’s such a good friend to Sookie. I’m also quite fond of Claudia now. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what her true purpose was because she always seemed to show up whenever Sookie needed saving. But now, I like that she’s there for Sookie. I am stoked that Sookie was able to connect with another telepath. Although, my favorite part of All Together Dead is definitely Sookie and the Pyramid…I won’t give it away, but that entire scene was suspenseful, tense, awesome. Harris also threw in a couple of introductions to new supes in Sookie’s world. It is Harris’ strong mystery writing steeped with vampires and supernaturals that keeps me coming back for more of Sookie’s world.

FYI: I know these posts are not formal reviews of the Sookie Stackhouse series. For me, these posts are more of a way to track how I felt about each book, and a way for me to note anything in particular that grabbed my attention.

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