‘Cybugs’ Are Coming!

Oh ye of little faith, who laugh in my face when I share my “crazy” theories and ideas on where technology will take us. I caught this headline, Power Ideas: Military Develops ‘Cybug’ Spies, while trying to work today. If that’s not fodder for the imagination, I don’t know what is.

Immediately, images of the X-Files episode, War of Coprophages, flashed through my mind. (IMDB has a good bit of info on it also and you can watch a clip over at Amazon.) Well before I watched that 1996 episode, I always believed this sort of thing was actively taking place. Only, I can’t believe it’s to the tune of $12 million in research grants! That seems like a huge waste of resources.

Wouldn’t those funds be better used for research into curing disease? Famine? The energy crisis? I guess that’s why I don’t handle budgets for the government–my allocations would make too much sense and actually help civilization.

I won’t even touch upon how, yet again, humans are using another species to further their own selfish desires and curiosities. Hmm, I wonder how long you can push nature before she starts shoving back? I just hope I’m not here to find out the ultimate answer to that question.

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  1. Leah

    I am in London, so I woke up with an email saying I had a new comment to approved. I never expected to have just a well-meaning, very thoughtful response to a posting I just put out there. I have another blog this one is a private space to write and be myself without my family and friends catching on.

    But I am really glad you dropped by (although I am not too sure how you happened onto the blog as its not linked to anything). And your words and perspective were spot on. As you I am sure know, these things go in fits and starts. I thought I was ok … and I am not, but I will be. Smile.

    Again thank you,


    1. You’re very welcome, Stefanie!

      By the way, I found you through WordPress tags. I clicked on the tag “love” and while I was browsing through different blogs, I found your “Sore” post. My understanding is any time you include tags with a post, people can find it through WordPress’ tag cloud. I could be wrong though as I am still new-ish to the technical side of blogging.

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