The Stephen King Challenge: Mini-Challenge #1

Covers Eyes of the Dragon 'Salem's Lot Carrie Bag of BonesThe first mini-challenge for The Stephen King Challenge kicks off on Wednesday, February 1, 2012. The prize for this mini-challenge is a brand new hardcover copy of Stephen King’s latest novel, 11/22/63!

The mini-challenge schedule is:

Feb | March | April
May | June | July
Aug | Sept | Oct
Nov | Dec (free months*)

*November/December are free, non-mini-challenge months due to the holiday season.

For the first mini-challenge you must read books within certain themes. Choose three themes and read three books that fit each of the themes during the three month mini-challenge period. If you complete the three themed reads, you will be entered in the book giveaway. A bonus entry will be given to any person who reads a fourth book that fits within the fourth theme. And another bonus entry will be earned if you read a book of King’s short stories.

Examples of themes:

i.e. The Stand, any book from the Gunslinger series, Under the Dome, The Eyes of the Dragon, The Talisman (with Peter Straub), Black House (with Peter Straub), 11/22/63

i.e. The Shining, Bag of Bones, Duma Key, It, Insomnia

Creatures: supernatural (werewolves, vampires, demons/devils, zombies, etc.) or other
i.e. Salem’s Lot, Needful Things, Cycle of the Werewolf, The Eyes of the Dragon, Dreamcatcher, Pet Sematary, Cell, Cujo, It, The Tommyknockers

The Mind: psychic, psychological, possession, abuse, etc.
i.e. Misery, The Green Mile, Dolores Claiborne, Rose Madder, Carrie, Gerald’s Game, The Dark Half, The Dead Zone, Desperation, The Regulators

Once you’ve read and reviewed a book for this mini-challenge add your entry on the Feb – Apr Mini-Challenge Review page.

My Reading List for Mini-Challenge #1

‘Salem’s Lot – February 2012 – Creatures
The Eyes of the Dragon – March 2012 – Fantasy
Carrie – April 2012 – The Mind
Bag of Bones – BONUS – Ghosts/Hauntings

Have you read any books by Stephen King? Ever wanted to?

5 Replies to “The Stephen King Challenge: Mini-Challenge #1

  1. Leah, I wanted to welcome you to The Stephen King Challenge, and to thank you for posting about it so faithfully. I really hope you enjoy reading more of SK’s work. I know from your earlier post that you have read quite a bit of his catalog already. Luckily, he is a prolific writer so there are still many more titles for you to choose from. You have a great list for the mini-challenge. Bag of Bones is one of my most favorite of his works. I’ve read it twice.

    Happy Reading!

  2. You just love a good reading challenge, don’t you!

    I haven’t read many of Stephen King’s novels, but loved the ones I did. “IT” was the first and it terrified me, but I loved it. “The Stand” I just thought was fantastic all the way. I remember reading a Gunslinger short story once too, but I hadn’t read any of the novels, so it didn’t mean as much to me.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    1. Eileen,

      I think I love any sort of challenge LOL. IT scared the bejeezers outta me too!

      You should give The Eyes of the Dragon a go; it’s one of my top 10 fantasy novels and my favorite Stephen King novel. From what I can deduce about your reading preferences – your WIP being “Ancient Magic” and your enjoyment of the Harry Dresden Files – I think you’d dig it.

      Speaking of Harry Dresden, where are you at in the series? Have you gotten to Changes yet? (That one reignited the thrills of the series, for me anyway.)

      1. I haven’t heard of Eyes of the Dragon, but I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks!

        I’ve only read the first four Dresden Files novels. Harry is a great character and I love the world-building. I read them all in one gulp and needed to take a little break, but I intend to get back to him soon.

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