It’s Never Too Late for Love

Reading through this morning’s online news headlines, I saw, Lost love letter reunites couple after 16 years. First off, whoa! I can’t believe Yahoo! News featured such a positive, uplifting story on Monday morning. So that fact alone made me click for the story. It turns out a couple, who met nearly two decades before today’s story, were reunited then married almost as soon as they saw each other.

A love letter the man had written to the woman after she’d moved away that she never received because it fell behind the mantelpiece of a fireplace. How odd, right? All sorts of questions popped into my head after reading the story.What kept them apart all of these years? Why, if just one lost love letter brought them together so quickly, hadn’t they contacted each other before now?

But the best part of reading this story is the realization that what I’ve believed for so long is true–love and happiness will find you when they’re supposed to. The fact that neither of these two people were married when the letter was finally discovered is interesting. The fact that all it took was one letter to rekindle the emotions they’d shared 17 years prior to reuniting is amazing.

These two people obviously never let the torch go out for the other and they most certainly never gave up on the possibility of finding their love again–their hope sustained those emotions for all these years. Just reading a heart-tugging story like this one boosts my optimism meter. I’m on the right track, I feel it.

Everyone, keep your hopes, whatever they may be, alive. Don’t let the storms of life snuff out their fire. When you’re least expecting it, that’s when IT will happen.

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