The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon

Rating: 4 of 5

The Winter PeopleOnce I started The Winter People I couldn’t put it down. The switch between 1908 and present day really added a sense of urgency to the Harrison Shea legends. There was a couple genuine surprises, but there was also predictable bits. And there was honest to goodness creepouts – based mostly on atmosphere and my expectations – fun, though. It was strange (and wonderful) how fast I connected with Sara; it was within two to three pages. Or perhaps it was simply her fierce devotion to her daughter.

At its heart, the story asks the reader how far they would go, what wouldn’t they give, to have more time with their dead loved one?

Just a heads up: For a literary thriller, there was a scene or three with graphic gore. Nothing shocking for a horror fan like me, but it could be a potential turn-off for certain readers.

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