We’re All Infected by Dawn Keetley

Rating: 4 of 5

9780786476282Don’t let the length of these 13 essays fool you. “We’re All Infected” is dense, academic reading. I tackled about two essays a week over the last eight weeks, and I still bookmarked numerous pages and highlighted dozens of passages for future study. There was a lot to digest in each one.

“‘Talking Bodies’ in a Zombie Apocalypse” by Gary Farnell was the only essay with an angle completely new to me. All the others presented the usual zombie themes, metaphors and allegories.

Recommended only to readers looking for a scholarly discussion and dissection of the zombies in AMC’s The Walking Dead. (Students and researchers will eat this up.) For the average zombie enthusiast, though, the introduction and afterword would likely be the most accessible and enjoyable selections.

Check out the table of contents and read excerpts on the publisher’s website.

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