The One I Love (2014)

Rating: 10 of 10

The One I Love (2014)Last year, I was browsing IMDb, looking up some of my favorite peeps, seeing what they had in the works – the yuzh. Whilst scrolling the profile for Mark Duplass, this title caught my eye. I looked at the poster and read the synopsis, then immediately clicked the +Watchlist button. When it was (finally) released in August 2014, I counted the days for its arrival at Netflix. But then I decided to wait until December since most of what I watched in 2014 was underwhelming. As soon as I finished watching, I texted my sis:

“You have to watch THE ONE I LOVE!! Don’t read anything about it! Just know it’s from the people who made SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED. After you watch, we must discuss ASAP.” (Note the multiple exclamation points? NOT my modus operandi – I was THAT excited. Still am really.)

Knowing my sis as I do, I knew she’d be game. And, of course, I was right. She LOVED it and we had about a 30-minute discussion on its more ambiguous elements. Super fun! We would’ve talked longer but we both had to leave to do grown-up stuff like buy groceries and feed the kids.

Here’s the conundrum: I want to tell everyone to watch THE ONE I LOVE but I can’t tell them much, if anything, about its actual plot without ruining the twist, which, although revealed early on, is pretty dang unexpected from what the majority of viewers probably think will be a run-of-the-mill indie romantic comedy. Trust me. The best, most fun way to watch this movie is to go in knowing as little as possible.

Synopsis: “Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) are a married couple on the brink of separation when, at the urging of their therapist (Ted Danson), they decide to salvage their relationship by escaping to a beautiful vacation house for the weekend. What starts off as a relaxing and tranquil retreat soon spirals into a dizzying and unusual experience that forces the troubled couple to really look at themselves and reflect on the complexities of their relationship. Over the course of a few days, Ethan and Sophie struggle to pursue their better selves as they watch everything they once thought to be real merge with the surreal.” (source)

So when you’re in the mood to watch something “different”, give THE ONE I LOVE a go. Open-minded viewers who like to think about what they’re seeing won’t be disappointed. But please take my earlier advice to heart: do NOT watch the trailer or read any other reviews. Just take the leap!

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(Watched on Netflix 12/13/2014)

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  1. Hmmm. Based on that little description, this doesn’t sound like a movie I’d normally go for, but because it’s YOU recommending it, I’ll take the plunge. I’ll let you know what I think.

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