The Water and the Wild by K.E. Ormsbee

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9781452113869A green apple tree grows in the heart of Thirsby Square. Its leaves are a sad emerald and its apples a cheery peridot, and at its roots—starts the story of Lottie Fiske.

My inner 12-year-old self is pouting right now. Why? Because she wants MORE! Like yesterday. In all seriousness, I wasn’t aware that The Water and the Wild was going to have a sequel. However, unlike a lot of the first books in a new series, mostly the YA ones, I’ve read in the last couple years, The Water and the Wild stands well on its own and enticed my natural curiosity about subtle unanswered questions (like where is this other place from whence King Starkling came and what is he exactly?) and what happens next for Lottie, Eliot, Fife, Oliver, Adelaide, and the rest of Limn.

I must read the next book! (Looks like I’ll have to wait about a year for the sequel).

9781452128818The worlds of New Kemble and Limn were vivid, “real” places. Enchanted trees – inside of which were “elevators” used to travel between worlds – keens (individual magical talents), the gengas (magical birds) – loved it all. I also loved that Lottie didn’t have to act like an adult to show bravery, ingenuity and loyalty. She was even a little selfish, at first, in her quest to cure Eliot. She cried openly when any kid would naturally get emotional. But she didn’t whine and she didn’t have a chip on her shoulder. Plus, she’s stubborn and doesn’t back down from bullies.

There were many allusions – Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Hobbit, the world of Oz, to name but a few – yet Ormsbee’s story felt new with its own unique charm and whimsy.

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