Of Sorrow and Such by Angela Slatter

Rating: 4.5 of 5

9780765385260But I remember all too well that one cannot put an old head on young shoulders.”

Have truer words ever been written? Or thought by just about any parent, teacher, mentor, adult? We so want to impart the hard-earned wisdom of our life experience and mistakes, and every time hope our young will, maybe this time, listen.

Of Sorrow and Such, my first experience with Angela Slatter, proved enthralling. The world of Edda’s Meadow was immediately believable — from its natural beauty to its residents’ secrets to the undercover witches who healed people they suspected might at any moment betray their trust.

I instantly respected Patience and Selke; both intelligent, strong women who didn’t have to sell each other out to exist. Gilly, even with her youthful arrogance and selfishness, won me over. The villains were equally dynamic, though I would’ve liked to see at least one man use his power for good. As it was, the only “good guys” were portrayed as dimwitted or timid. That, for me, was too black and white. The ending was a welcome surprise.

Highly recommended to anyone who loves dark fantasy starring witches or the feel of historical fiction with witches and magic.

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Recommended by fellow Goodreads member Margaret Kingsbury.

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