Uncaged (2016)

movie poster Uncaged 2016

Rating: 6 of 10

Most teens look at birthday #18 as the key to their freedom. Great things are supposed to happen when one is officially an “adult” … unless your family is hiding a curse triggered at age 18.

Synopsis: “A sleepwalking teen straps a camera to himself and discovers a sinister family secret.” (source)

My thoughts: Another random selection that surpassed my expectations. UNCAGED’s limited budget is obvious (especially in the transformation department) but it overcomes those constraints by casting Ben Getz as Jack, a young man with a tragic past who just turned 18 and is starting to sleepwalk. Liking Jack and wanting to know what was going to happen to him is really the only thing that kept me watching this movie. Jack’s cousin, Brandon, who Jack grew up with, is borderline douchey. And their friend Turner is 100 times worse. But I guess they provided some comic relief. Sure, the writing needed fleshed out (HA!) and the women needed to be actual people – you know, instead of being either a) a damsel in distress or b) a sex object – but all in all, I had fun. Plus, werewolves are sorely underrepresented in modern horror movies.

Highly recommended if you enjoyed films like WHEN ANIMALS DREAM or NIGHT WOLF.

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(Watched on Netflix 3/31/2016)

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