Howl (2015)

image movie poster howl 2015

Rating: 7 of 10

Hmm, where’s the worst possible place for a commuter train to break down? Oh, I don’t know: in the middle of nowhere, at night, surrounded by werewolves?!!

Synopsis: “A new psychological werewolf creature feature…” (source)

My thoughts: Wasn’t I just saying not too long ago that there weren’t enough werewolves in modern horror movies? Well ask and ye shall receive. While I did relate to Joe and his difficulties in having to work with the general public, most of the train’s passengers weren’t all that likable. So where HOWL succeeds brilliantly is in amping up the uber creepy atmosphere and delivering stellar creature effects. Plus, these werewolves seem the type based more on folklore than cinematic history.

Highly recommended if you enjoyed films like LAST PASSENGER or THE DESCENT.

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(Watched DVD on 4/22/2016)

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