Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse

Rating: 4 of 5

Synopsis: “Five interconnected stories that weave a subtle science-fictional web stretching out from the present into the future, presenting eerily plausible possibilities for social media, corporate sponsorship, and humanity, as our world collides with a mysterious alternate universe.” (source)

My thoughts: Soooo, my heart wants to give Where Futures End 6 stars, while my brain keeps telling my feely place to pump the brakes and rate with more objectivity. Therefore I’m compromising with 4 stars – seriously, though, I think Parker Peevyhouse just raised the bar on YA by, like, THIS much.

Summarizing this book is difficult: there’s science and magic and it definitely has some timey wimey bits. The author describes it as”Donnie Darko + Cloud Atlas”; I can see that. Aside from the overall vibe, I most enjoyed the worlds. They’re not shiny, happy places, that’s for sure, but they felt real and entirely possible. Surprisingly I found the ending rather uplifting…I’m probably in the minority there.

Do I recommend Where Futures End? 100% yes! Only, I’m not exactly sure who I’d recommend it to.

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