Beyond the Glass Slipper: Ten Neglected Fairy Tales To Fall In Love With by Kate Wolford

Rating: 4 of 5

Synopsis: “Some fairy tales everyone knows—these aren’t those tales…won’t leave novices of fairy tale studies lost in the woods to grandmother’s house, yet with a depth of research and a delight in posing intriguing puzzles that will cause folklorists and savvy readers to find this collection a delicious new delicacy.” (source)

From the Introduction: “Every tale is meant to engender thought and discussion…I am designing the introductions, questions and annotations to provoke readers.”

My thoughts: 10 lesser-known European fairy tales collected and annotated by Kate Wolford (Enchanted Conversation) for casual readers as well as students. Beyond the Glass Slipper will be most appreciated by those looking to discuss what they’ve read.

I recommend reading the fairy tale first, then its introduction, next the annotations, and finish up with the “Consider” section of the tale’s introduction.

Fairy tales included:
The Nixy
The Solider and the Vampire
The Three Pennies
Fairy Gifts
The Loving Pair
The Dirty Shepherdess
Gifts of the Little People
The Blue Light
King Pig
Kisa the Cat

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