My sidebar isn’t big enough to hold all the awesome sites I like to visit, so I created individual pages for each topic. Click the links below or in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen.


I am a huge movie geek so I love to discover new films and filmmakers.


Read my blog for very long and you’ll discover I’m slightly addicted to the horror genre.

Fiction Markets

These link to online and print publications as well as searchable listings of potential markets.

Fellow Scribblers

Newbie and professional writers. Obviously this list is dynamic and will continue to grow.

The Write Stuff

Learn it. Live it. But most important, write it! These sites will help you learn how.

Agents, Editors & Publishers

These blogs are filled, literally overflowing, with useful information. Take advantage!

Procrastination Central

Um, yeah, procrastination is bad. But these sites are oodles of time sucking fun.

Life, Moms & Budgets

A hodge podge of sites I enjoy visiting.