I am a huge movie geek so I love to discover new films and filmmakers.

Most people who know me say the films I like are “weird” and they don’t know what to expect when I recommend a movie they’ve never heard of. I’m extremely open-minded. If I’m entertained, and there’s a variety of ways to entertain me, then the movie was a success. And I always appreciate a movie that’s different and not what the majority of mainstream audiences get to see. For these reasons, a large number of the below filmmakers and their films will probably be either horror or independent.

Please note: Horror is my favorite genre but I enjoy a wide assortment of films in all genres.

Below is my ongoing list.

(This list is in alphabetical order.)

Blue Eyed Productions – Susan Adriensen – Under the Raven’s Wing.

Chainsaw Mafia – Shannon Lark – “The Chainsaw Mafia was created and facilitated by women, who actively encourage progressive roles for women and men in all areas within the horror genre.”

Cheesy Nuggets – Emily Hagins – Pathogen, The Retelling. Be sure to check out Zombie Girl: The Movie, a documentary about Emily’s journey making Pathogen when she was only 12 years old. Now that’s passion!

Michael Dougherty – Wrote and directed Trick ‘r Treat (2008); Follow on Twitter or MySpace

Teresa Fahs – Gorify, LLC; Gorified Films – Director, Haunting Kira.

Fewdio – Drew Daywalt, David Schneider, Marichelle Daywalt (and others) – Nightmare House (available on DVD), Camera Obscura (web series), Bedfellows (horror short), Mockingbird (horror short, female director). You can watch Nightmare House on their web site, but make sure you’re prepared to be creeped the eff out!

Indywood Project – Antony Lane’s on a “mission to raise funds to independently make a cult horror classic film.” – Invasion of the Not Quite Dead.

Yam Laranas – Yam is definitely a director to keep an eye on. Check out my review of The Echo (2008). And don’t miss the trailer for Patient X.

No Restrictions Entertainment – John Paul Rice and Edgar Michael Bravo – One Hour Fantasy Girl.

Stacie Ponder – Wrote and directed, Ghostella’s Haunted Tomb.

Pretty/Scary Films – “Pretty/Scary Films is the division of Pretty/Scary created by Heidi Martinuzzi to produce female-centric horror cinema.” Check out the first film Wretched (2007) a “short horror film by Heidi Martinuzzi and Leslie Delano; bulemia, abusive behavior, and blood.”

Silent-But-Deadly Productions – Rachel Grubb, Brooke Lemke – Why Am I In a Box?, A Broken Family.

Sugar Factory Films – Phil Messerer – Thicker Than Water: The Vampire Diaries Part 1, which also has a blog.

Ti West – Wrote and directed The House of the Devil (2009)