If you read my blog for very long, then you’ll discover I’m slightly addicted to horror films and literature (novels, novellas, short stories, etc.).

I saw my first horror movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984),  while spending the night with some church friends, when I was about 9 years old. I was scared outta my mind but I was hooked. I dig ’em all–the creepy, the gory, the cheesy, the psychological, the “smart”–you name it, I’ve probably watched it. Or I  have it on my “must-watch” list, which is currently at about 500+ movies.

Below is a list of blogs and web sites that pacify the horror junkie inside me.

If you want to make a suggestion, or if you want me to include your site in my list, please e-mail me: leahabney [at] gmail [dot] com.

(This list is in alphabetical order.)


Fangoria Magazine – This is their news blog on Blogger.

Final GirlStacie Ponder’s blog – “Exploring the slasher flicks of the ’70s and ’80s…and whatever else I can come up with. Beware yon spoilers!”

Horror Blogger Alliance – “Your Online Horror Blogger Community”

Horror Digest – Andre Dumas, “I will write all about the horror movies you should see, and some that you shouldn’t see, as well as those in between.”

Horror Hacker – Stacie Ponder, Sara Cardace, and others contribute columns on this AMC blog.

In It For The Kills: Horror Perspectives – Wednesday’s Child, “Where nightmares are the best part of my day!”

Pretty/Scary – “Edited and owned by Heidi Martinuzzi. The site was created by women in horror, for women who love horror, but also for men who love women in horror.”

School of Fear – Drew Daywalt’s blog on FEARnet.

Screamstress – “Get ready to scream!” Everything horror…books, movies and TV. Alison Nastasi’s blog.

Send More Cops – “Zombie stuff for people who know their zombies.” Natalie Slater (also Bake & Destroy, Brutal as Hell)

The Vault of Horror – “This blog is the culmination of my 25-year love affair with all things blood and guts…” (b_sol). Day of the Woman – VOH sister site – BJ-C gives us the “feminine side” of horror.

Zombie Research Society

MAGAZINES – Print & Online

Fangoria – “The #1 Name in Horror.” I could spend years on this site attempting to read and watch all of their awesome goodies.

Rue Morgue – “Horror in Culture and Entertainment”


Bloody-Disgusting – “Your number one source for horror movies…All the latest news, reviews, interviews and an online community.”

FEARnet – Awesome! Free movies and great blogs. The ads during movies are a bit annoying now though. I get the necessity for ads; but c’mon, can’t we at least see different ads on rotation rather than the same ad one hundred times!?!

Horror Extreme – “Website for horror news, views and reviews about all of your favourite splatter movies, past and present…” Be sure to follow him on Twitter.

Horror Society – “Your Voice for Independent Horror” Mitch (DrGore)

Horror’s Not Dead – Great blogroll. “A horror movie blog out to champion (or scorn) the current state of all things horror. Horror movie reviews, news updates, and DVD release dates.”


Drunken Zombie – “A podcast all about Horror Media. We cover movies, comics, books, games, and music.” Hosting a film festival in IL.

Night of the Living Podcast – Hosts: Amy, Andy, Chiseck, Erica, Freddy & Kelley (from Cinci).


Daywalt Fear Factory – “Home of short horror films and other randomness.” Okay, so not technically a web series, but this is my blog and I can add this link here if I want to.

Semi-Dead – “Chris and Joe are roommates, both former military, trying to live normal, productive lives in this modern, Internet-dominated world… It’d be a lot easier though, if the city weren’t swarming with zombies.” Created by Chris Wiltz.