Goals for 2010 – The First Nine Months

It’s amazing how much can be learned in just nine months if you’re a willing student and possess the ability to perform an honest self-evaluation.

Last week’s post, Failure Is Not an Option; It’s a Necessity, discussed commitment to forward motion no matter how many check marks accumulate under the “Fail” column on my list of goals for 2010. The comments – both on the blog and via e-mail – were fabulous.

And very much appreciated!

However, I found myself wondering why so many readers responded with “Don’t give up!” or “Never quit” – as if my confessed failures would dissuade me. It was then I realized some people were under the impression sharing my failures meant I would consider quitting or giving up. Continue reading Goals for 2010 – The First Nine Months

31-Year Old Blogger Feared Missing: Later Found Buried Under Work

Photo tree above ground naked woman undergroundOkay, maybe it’s not so nice to poke fun at Tiffany Tehan; however, the above blog headline just flowed out my fingertips and who am I to argue with my fingers? Plus, my whole objective in publishing a post today is based on the fact that I’ve been away for far too long without any warning or heads up. And really, after what she put her family, friends and community through, does Tiffany deserve anything less than jabs, name-calling and ridicule?

Call me judgy, or even snarky if you must, but when a mother abandons her child(ren) because she wants to “start a new life,” I’m not going to have buckets of positive feedback with which to shower her. Not only did Tiffany abandon her child, she just up and disappeared. No explanation. No “Dear John” letter for her hubby. Just skips town with her new fella and screw everyone and everything else.
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Goals for 2010 – The First Three Months

Photo frustrated woman on floor with laptopNails dragged across a chalkboard. Two pieces of Styrofoam rubbed together. George Dubya giving a speech. All are infinitely more appealing than progress analysis, a crucial step in goal achievement. How do I know where I’m at in my plan for 2010 if I don’t stop to look at what I’ve done and what I haven’t done? Simple, I won’t know until I face the executioner, I mean, music.

Goal #1 – Write at least 1,000 words a day…Finish manuscript by March 1st.

Results – Failed. I wrote approximately 48,000 words between January 13 – March 31, 2010.

I must not whip myself. I must not whip myself.

Okay, I’ve already given myself a stern, mental tongue-lashing for my failure to achieve Goal #1. No excuses. It was my fault. Period. Therefore, I’ve adjusted the deadline to May 31, 2010.

I will not miss the new deadline.
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Pesky Perfectionism Prevents Progress

Person Falling Off BlocksUh, don’t ask me about the alliteration. It’s the first headline that came to mind, so I’m using it. Plus, if you say that headline out loud, you’re bound to get a little tongue-tied, which is fun. But alas, the battle with perfectionism is nothing to laugh at. And the war rages on.

When I completed Holly Lisle’s How to Think Sideways course, I had a firm grip on my tendency to want to be perfect. For a while, over a year, I thought I had won the war. Apparently, my win was only in the battle column. I guess 30 years of being one way isn’t going to be remedied in a little more than 12 months. Oh well, lesson learned. Click to continue reading >>