Guest Editorial: The Walking Dead on AMC

Poster for The Walking Dead Season OneBasic cable television has become a bit redundant for a lot of viewers who are tired of seeing the same old shows over and over again. This is not to say there are not new shows coming out as well, or that all old shows have lost their flair; however, it does occasionally seem as if television is “drying up” to some extent. This is why a number of television fans have recently discovered the extensive benefits associated with directtv satellite packages, which can offer access to premium programs and additional channels, and, therefore, newer and different TV shows. For example, the AMC network’s The Walking Dead has recently become one of the most popular shows on television, though it may not be available to everyone with basic TV packages.

For those who are not yet fans of the show, the first season of The Walking Dead, which debuted last year to widespread acclaim, follows Sheriffs Deputy Rick Grimes as he wakes up from a coma to find that the world is in a post-apocalyptic state, infested with dangerous “Walkers,” which for all intents and purposes are zombies. Rick arms himself and sets off on a journey for Atlanta, Georgia in search of his wife Lori and son Carl, who have managed to escape into hiding with Rick’s friend Shane. Rick manages to find this group and a small camp of survivors that they have organized. At the end of the season, a Dr. Jenner whispered something mysterious into Rick’s ear just before dying in a CDC explosion, right after explaining that the French may have a cure for the Walkers.
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The Collector (2009) – Horror Movie Review

Photo The Collector Movie PosterThis one’s all horror, baby. It’s what I refer to as a home invasion slasher, complete with a masked madman who never says a word and whose history is never revealed. His motives should be obvious, though, just read the movie’s title. And if you can handle the gore and overlook a teensy bit of unrealistic plot then you will probably like The Collector (2009) as much as I did.

Photo: Yellow starPhoto: Yellow starPhoto: Yellow starPhoto: Yellow star
4 stars out of 5

Remember when horror moviegoers used to pee their pants for movies with killers they didn’t know a thing about? Sometimes the killers wore masks and moviegoers never even saw the killers’ faces? And the mystery added to the film’s scariness and the villain’s badass factor.

Ah, the good old days.
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