Happy Christmas! And Remember to Count Your Blessings

Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life (1946) photoIt really feels like Christmas around here: Everything is still covered in snow, the air smells of fireplaces ablaze at my neighbors’ houses down the road, and my daughter squeals unexpectedly every now and then – purely from being overwhelmed with excitement. We’re off to my mother’s for a day filled with cooking, baking, eating and unwrapping gifts from loved ones. What a life! And I made sure to thank the universe for all of these blessings when I awoke this morning because happiness is impossible without gratitude and appreciation.

While there are many possibilities and opportunities to come in 2011, don’t forget to slow down and be present right now. This day has so much to offer as long as you remember to stay in the now and count your blessings.

So to all my family and friends, have a very happy celebration today! Stay warm, stay safe and enjoy those priceless moments with your loved ones, for they are far too short.

Photo credit: Liberty Films
[IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE is my all-time favorite movie, ever!]