Goals for 2010 – The First Nine Months

It’s amazing how much can be learned in just nine months if you’re a willing student and possess the ability to perform an honest self-evaluation.

Last week’s post, Failure Is Not an Option; It’s a Necessity, discussed commitment to forward motion no matter how many check marks accumulate under the “Fail” column on my list of goals for 2010. The comments – both on the blog and via e-mail – were fabulous.

And very much appreciated!

However, I found myself wondering why so many readers responded with “Don’t give up!” or “Never quit” – as if my confessed failures would dissuade me. It was then I realized some people were under the impression sharing my failures meant I would consider quitting or giving up. Continue reading Goals for 2010 – The First Nine Months

Failure Is Not an Option; It’s a Necessity

Perfectionists everywhere cringe while the average American reader is probably flabbergasted. After all, most of us are raised to believe “failure is not an option.” That you must succeed or else. Pfft. What a bunch of nonsense. And way too much pressure!

For some people the traditional way of thinking works. It motivates them to strive harder and suffer longer, all in the name of success (as defined by them, of course).

While others – so scared of the f-word – become paralyzed and, thus, fail due to their inability to take the first step. Crazy, huh?

Here’s my humble suggestion: fail, and fail miserably.
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