When Animals Dream (2014)

Rating: 8 of 10

movie poster When Animals Dream (2014)Coming of age is itself a nightmare most everyone hopes to survive unscathed. Toss in supernatural DNA and things can go downhill real fast.

Synopsis: “Marie is a beautiful and lonely 16-year-old who lives in an isolated village on a small island of the west coast of Denmark. Marie’s mother is seriously ill, suffering from an unknown disease – on medication, mentally absent and tied to a wheelchair. Marie’s father, Thor, runs the small grocery store and tries to make life as normal as possible for the small family. On the surface, everything seems fine – and yet, Marie can’t help feeling that Thor is hiding something about her mother’s illness.” (source)

My thoughts: It’s not easy being a teenager in a small town. Feeling like you’re stuck in limbo, between being a kid and being an adult. There’s an inherent otherness to that stage of life. Twist up all those emotions and thoughts with a suspicion that you’re even more of an outsider because of a secret your father denies but your gut insists on, and you have the recipe for a thrilling coming of age horror movie. I absolutely loved Marie’s transformation; no, not the physical one (although it’s frighteningly awesome). I mean the one where she embraces her true self.

Highly recommended if you enjoyed movies like TEETH, CARRIE, or GINGER SNAPS.

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(Watched on Netflix 1/16/2016)

Note to Self: Broken by Kelley Armstrong

Broken by Kelley Armstrong was recommended by someone from the Think Sideways forums. After reading 200 pages of the 480-page novel, I had to put it down for good. Why?

I just wasn’t feelin’ it.

Elena seemed like an interesting woman, being a pregnant werewolf and all, but I wasn’t able to connect with her. It felt like something was missing or that I missed something. Her relationships, all new to me, were written as if they’d been around for 15 years or more. Secondary characters were, again, brand new to me, but written as long-time acquaintances of Elena and the Pack. “Mutts” were never defined so I was forced to draw my own conclusion.

After doing a little research on the book, …continue reading