Songs for a Broken Heart

Photo Red heart painted in a stone surface by Juan David FerrandoMusic is powerful: it inspires, awakens, heals, soothes, and unites our souls. So here’s a list of songs for a broken heart – before, during or after a breakup:

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Check out this page for 12 songs about loving someone you can’t have or loving someone you shouldn’t.

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Photo credit: Juan David Ferrando

Songs About Loving Someone You Can’t Have

Lately, there’s a recurring theme in my short stories: love; more specifically, forbidden love. The exploration of that theme has given way to several stories which will remain under lock and key. But there are three stories I want to publish and share with the world.

One of those three stories centers around Josh and Hanna. And while it’s been easy to see their dark, complicated world, connecting to their innermost desires and getting their angst to show up on the page has been difficult. Can’t pinpoint why either. So I’m resorting to my favorite cheat: songs to inspire writing.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for other songs!

A quick list of songs about loving someone you can’t have or loving someone you shouldn’t:
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Jason Mraz – ‘If It Kills Me’

Good gawd! I can’t stop playing this song. Seriously, I need help. Is there a hotline I can call with someone to talk me down from pressing the “replay” button again? Jason’s voice covers my skin in goosebumps. I feel this song every time I listen to it. Thank you to the song gods for this beautiful tune . . . and Jason’s talent.

Side note: now this means my daughter’s favorite song, “I’m Yours,” is getting bumped from our regular playlist for a while. Have a listen below.

You Had Me at ‘But I Can’t Tell You That’

Oh my. I’m now completely in love with the movie Dakota Skye. I watched it via Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” on 9/10/2009. I don’t know much about it yet aside from what I saw during the movie but I’m going to because its writer is now on my must-follow list. Perhaps a little chick flick-ish, to me though, it was just a powerful story, one with which I personally connect. Sure some of the acting and dialogue (mostly supporting characters) were iffy in parts.

For the most part though, it was so heartfelt, so genuine and so close to home that I knew I’d love it as soon as I saw the opening scene. The music helped. The songs used were perfect for the scenes within which they played. But it’s really the chemistry between Jonah and Dakota that makes this movie work. *sigh* I think Juno might be bumped out of my number one slot of all-time favorite feel good movies…maybe *smiles*.

Jonah’s response to Dakota is my favorite scene from the movie. Enjoy the clip below.


For as long as she could remember, Dakota Skye has been cursed with a super power. She has the ability to see the truth in any lie she hears. From small, harmless white lies, to the more devious kind, they have come from the people that she should trust the most; her family, friends and teachers. These lies have snowballed, leading to her becoming bitter and apathetic towards the world around her. Now seventeen, Dakota just watches the world happen around her, unmotivated to join it. She has a boyfriend who plays in a semi-popular local rock band and her best friend from childhood, but finds little joy in her own life. One day, Jonah comes into town. It only takes a few days before Dakota notices something about him that sets him apart from the other people in her life. He doesn’t lie. Through her friendship with Jonah, her eyes are opened to the world around her and she sees that there is something out there more than all the lies. There is a possibility of something different… something better. If only he wasn’t her boyfriend’s best friend. Now she must make a choice. Can she go back to the apathy that has dictated her life, ignoring something potentially amazing? Can she take the leap into the unknown with Jonah, ignoring all the repercussions that may come from that decision? Is he really the person that she thinks he is and wants him to be? The only thing that becomes clear is that Dakota can no longer be a spectator in her own life. She has to look at her life as it was, is and could be and make a choice for the first time. Written by director, John Humber