Summer’s over, fall is here.

Welp, fall has arrived and it makes me a little sad to see everything dying. I try to remind myself this is part of the cycle, death is a necessary part so that everything can be reborn and beautiful in six months or so. I could do without the blizzard this year, if I’m being a little selfish.

I am officially way behind in the writing course. Thankfully, I’ve read several classmates’ postings saying they are as well. It’s coming up on Week 10 and I’m still on Week 5. I don’t feel so bad when I read others are still around Week 3 and 4. I’m not totally disappointed with my progress but I need to get back on the wagon quickly so I don’t lose the momentum I was steadily building up in Week 4. It’s a great course though.

My aunt is starting an online creative writing class that sounded pretty interesting so I think I’m going to enroll in that after my six month class with Holly is over. I want to get myself disciplined to write regularly…that’s the only way I’ll ever get published so it’s a high priority on my to-do list.

I am making progress on my new blog. I’ve been brainstorming / clustering ideas for topics to write about. I’m trying to tie it into a book as well so I want to be sure and get ideas down in a setup I can save outside of my blog and build up then compile into a book format.

On a personal note, my daughter is doing well in fourth grade. We’re getting into a routine of getting out of the house for “Field Trip Fridays” and we’re looking to volunteer on a regular basis as well. I think that will definitely help build up her character and help teach her how important it is to give back, pay it forward, if you will.

I went on a fabulous first date this weekend and it looks very promising. Finally someone who is exactly who they say they are. I think we’ll be having a lot of fun together in the coming months. I also watched Eagle Eye this weekend and it was terrific. I’m starting to develop a little crush on Shia *smile*, but nothing to compete with my Josh Hartnett crush *grins*…yet.

I finished Inkheart by Cornelia Funke on Monday and started Jim Butcher’s Proven Guilty (another Dresden Files novel). I need to re-read The Lord of the Rings trilogy before the end of the year because I haven’t done so in 2008; it’s a yearly thing 🙂

Until next time–follow your dreams and never stop reaching for the stars!

Welcome to my blog!

I’m currently editing the content to include my original works of fiction. You can look forward to reading poems, short stories, excerpts from my novels, and general rants and ramblings. I will also create a small section with a sampling of my business and academic works; however, those aren’t really my babies. They paid the bills and gave me writing practice, but were far from stimulating or exciting, for me personally.

COMING SOON! – A recurring “column” about singlemomdom. I’ll provide my personal experiences from being a single mom for nearly a decade–anything from budgeting to time management to mind massage. Hopefully, I’ve learned something along the way to help make another mom’s job just a little bit easier.

I look forward to hearing comments, feedback and suggestions on ways to make this blog even better.

Best wishes,

UPDATE 02/20/09: I wrote this “welcome” message for another blog, which I imported into WordPress this week before I canceled the other one. But I felt this post still held relevant information so I left it intact. If you think it makes no sense to leave it as is, let me know with a comment.

Where did August go?

I’m obviously behind on making my weekly posts. Week Five of Think Sideways threw me for a loop but I’m working through it, slowly but surely. I’m still kind of focusing on Week Four with the “one sentence” technique. The best part, or Eureka! moment, so far in my seven weeks of learning from Holly is that I’m finally getting daily visits from my Muse. Not just in my business dealings either. I’ve had days where I can’t keep her quiet with all sorts of great tidbits and story starters. I’ve written down a few after going through the important questions to ask her before I get too excited and write down ideas that really aren’t that promising or in-depth. I don’t want those little kitten scratches of plots and characters anymore. Just open woulds requiring immediate attention or else they’ll bleed out.

Also, I’ve decided to start another blog in an area I’m almost positive I have tons to share with other people in my position–single moms who need to save time, money and sanity 🙂 I hope to post a link to it soon. Basically, I want to provide budgeting tips and tricks as well as time management skills I’ve acquired and adapted over the nearly 10 years I’ve been a single mom. But most importantly, the ways I’ve taught myself to deal with those moments when you are definitely asking, “Sanity? Yes, please!”

Best wishes y’all!