Songs for a Broken Heart

Photo Red heart painted in a stone surface by Juan David FerrandoMusic is powerful: it inspires, awakens, heals, soothes, and unites our souls. So here’s a list of songs for a broken heart – before, during or after a breakup:

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Check out this page for 12 songs about loving someone you can’t have or loving someone you shouldn’t.

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Photo credit: Juan David Ferrando

Guest Editorial: The Walking Dead on AMC

Poster for The Walking Dead Season OneBasic cable television has become a bit redundant for a lot of viewers who are tired of seeing the same old shows over and over again. This is not to say there are not new shows coming out as well, or that all old shows have lost their flair; however, it does occasionally seem as if television is “drying up” to some extent. This is why a number of television fans have recently discovered the extensive benefits associated with directtv satellite packages, which can offer access to premium programs and additional channels, and, therefore, newer and different TV shows. For example, the AMC network’s The Walking Dead has recently become one of the most popular shows on television, though it may not be available to everyone with basic TV packages.

For those who are not yet fans of the show, the first season of The Walking Dead, which debuted last year to widespread acclaim, follows Sheriffs Deputy Rick Grimes as he wakes up from a coma to find that the world is in a post-apocalyptic state, infested with dangerous “Walkers,” which for all intents and purposes are zombies. Rick arms himself and sets off on a journey for Atlanta, Georgia in search of his wife Lori and son Carl, who have managed to escape into hiding with Rick’s friend Shane. Rick manages to find this group and a small camp of survivors that they have organized. At the end of the season, a Dr. Jenner whispered something mysterious into Rick’s ear just before dying in a CDC explosion, right after explaining that the French may have a cure for the Walkers.
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Songs About Loving Someone You Can’t Have

Lately, there’s a recurring theme in my short stories: love; more specifically, forbidden love. The exploration of that theme has given way to several stories which will remain under lock and key. But there are three stories I want to publish and share with the world.

One of those three stories centers around Josh and Hanna. And while it’s been easy to see their dark, complicated world, connecting to their innermost desires and getting their angst to show up on the page has been difficult. Can’t pinpoint why either. So I’m resorting to my favorite cheat: songs to inspire writing.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for other songs!

A quick list of songs about loving someone you can’t have or loving someone you shouldn’t:
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Not in the Mood? Maybe These Photos Will Help

Oftentimes, the easiest scenes to write are the funnest. But then there are other days when the scene I thought would be quick, easy and painless just can’t make it from my muse to my conscious to the page. Those are the days – or nights, I’m a night owl so a lot of writing is done after 10 PM – when I turn to either pictures or music to get me in the mood.

Here are a few posts to check out if you’re looking for songs to inspire writing. Music is powerful and it usually does the trick. However, there are situations where I need to visually stimulate my imagination in addition to the auditory inspiration.

The following three pictures really stirred up the creative juices last week:
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Live Like You’re Dying by Lenka

The lyrics say it all. And Lenka’s voice delivers them beautifully (listen below). Even pain is a reminder that I’m alive, and I’m living like there’s no tomorrow. So I move forward with open eyes, a genuine heart, and an acute awareness that the moments will make up for the hurt.


One of these days you’ll be under the covers
You’ll be under the table and you’ll realize
That all of your days are numbered, all of them one to one hundred
All of them millions, all of them trillions

So what are you gonna do with them all?
You cannot trade them in for more, no, no

Take every moment, you know that you own them
It’s all you can do, use what’s been given to you
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When Your Mood Doesn’t Match Your Character’s…

The story of David and Dawn needs finished. The ending – well, technically it’s the beginning – has never been in question. My muse has had it gift-wrapped and ready to be opened since I finished “Misery’s Constant Companion.” I just haven’t made myself open it yet. No idea why, really. But today is the today. Or at least I hope it is.

You see, I’m having trouble getting into the character because my mood is so–happy is the best way to describe it. And the two scenes I need to write to finish the story are not happy ones. They’re dark and sad and somewhat depressing.

So how does one tap into their character’s mood and feelings?
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Top 5 Songs to Fuel Emotional Scenes

I’m not sure if all writers rely on music for added inspiration before, during, or after specific types of scenes, but I do. When I’m going to write a dark scene with graphic violence or heated dialogue, I’ll listen to bands like KoЯn, Seether or Disturbed. On the flip side, when I’m writing an emotional scene, one filled with inner turmoil, self-reflection, or no-turning-back decisions, the most played artists in my iTunes account include Linkin Park, Band of Horses, Blue Foundation, Ray Lamontagne, and Damien Rice, to name just a handful.

I’ve handpicked the top five songs to inspire writing in heavy emotional scenes and/or scenes primarily centered around a character, his thoughts and actions, and how his world and others will be affected by them. These songs evoke specific emotions from me that filter down through my muse into my words. Sometimes the lyrics are the key; sometimes it’s a mixture of the singer’s voice, the melody, and the mood.
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Kingsford Charcoal Commercial – Guy Traumatized by Winter

I laugh my arse off every time I watch this commercial. Plus, I totally connect with the guy in the yellow coat, traumatized by winter and all its snow and all its cold. Isn’t the best stuff usually the most true? It’s way easier to connect with a product when the ads feature something with which I relate on a personal level. Anywho, I thought I’d share it with those of you who haven’t seen it and those of you outside the United States. And besides, everyone needs to laugh at something silly from time to time. All work and no play makes people crazy; I know from experience.
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Band of Horses – ‘I Go to the Barn Because I Like The’

I’m such a total Gemini. How else can I explain lovin’ hardcore horror movies and soft-hearted music? Don’t get me wrong: I also enjoy soft-hearted movies (except “chick flicks”) and hardcore music. I guess there are just too many sides to who I am to ever fit me into one label, genre, type, or whatever. I likes what I like even if that makes it difficult for certain things I do (e.g. this blog) to nest in a specific area or niche.

Why this song? It just so happens that tonight, Psych‘s season four finale featured it. When I heard the song in the episode, I knew it was Band of Horses, but I didn’t know which song. I did a little searchin’ and found it on USA’s Psych forum. This band’s music feels honest and full of vulnerability. Plus, there’s a hint of sadness. I dig it!

Without further ado, please enjoy the video below for however long it’s available on YouTube. And hey, if you like the song, support the band and buy their album.

Did you like the song? Why?

Check out “The Funeral,” too!


Band of Horses official site | Albums: Cease to Begin and Everything All The Time

My 100th Post Is a Charitable Donation

This morning I realized today would mark a milestone in my journey as a blogger: my 100th post. So I spent most of the day going back and forth between two topics I wanted to discuss, but then I found a web site – actually a press release on Facebook, which lead me to a blog – that changed my mind. Therefore, I’d like to donate my 100th post to one of my favorite charities: Ohio Basset Rescue.

I selected OBR because it’s local; it’s small; and they really need foster homes or donations. They work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to rescue, foster and adopt basset hounds, and they do it all out of the goodness of their hearts and their own pocketbooks.

OBR needs your support!

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